The Threatened One


Synopsis: An animated, visual interpretation of the poem by Jorge Luis Borges. A Man has fallen in Love with a Woman and he laments that the whole world that used to matter to him now is gone. There only one being in this life now that truly matters.


Poem by: Jorge Luis Borges
Interpretation and Animation: SIgne Baume
Music: David Rovin
Voice: Kevin Gottlieb

Genre: Cine-Poetry

Runtime : 3.53 mins



Rating:Average rating: 4.4615384615385 After 13 Votes
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Beautiful. The reading, art, and music work together exquisitely.
Cody Moore Reviewed on Mon Sep:24:2007:
OMFG I thought it was a good interprtation untill she started jerking off the guys sybolic flower dick. WTF was that? Mabey I just need to try to understand it better...
Ming Reviewed on Thu Aug:24:2006:
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